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Active Hackers

The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


Hacker Forum

Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools

    Hacking Tools

    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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        1. axel87


          brother, you have to pass me the password>? Thanks

      4. faab68


        lol 123
        1. dEEpEst


          What you need?

        2. h19server



          i need the password of this crypter: 


        3. dEEpEst
      5. Hi , 

        Please could you re-upload the files for your JAVA spread method ? The link is now dead. Thanks in advance



      6. Amazing hacks brow

      7. pls give me mailkek key bro

        1. w360


          check your PM

      8. e possibile avere grazie

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