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Hex-Rays IDA Pro 7.7.220118 x64


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The best-of-breed binary code analysis tool, an indispensable item in the toolbox of world-class software analysts, reverse engineers, malware analyst and cybersecurity professionals.

A powerful disassembler and a versatile debugger

IDA Pro as a disassembler is capable of creating maps of their execution to show the binary instructions that are actually executed by the processor in a symbolic representation (assembly language). Advanced techniques have been implemented into IDA Pro so that it can generate assembly language source code from machine-executable code and make this complex code more human-readable.

The debugging feature augmented IDA with the dynamic analysis. It supports multiple debugging targets and can handle remote applications. Its cross-platform debugging capability enables instant debugging, easy connection to both local and remote processes and support for 64-bit systems and new connection possibilities.

Key features:

    Supports Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
    The standard tool for the code analysis
    Support encrypted or obfuscated code
    Both 32 and 64 bits are supported
    Advanced stack tracking capabilities
    Testing, reviews, and secure coding
    Support for multi-target disassembler
    Full interactivity and extendability
    Parameter tracking and identification
    Code graphing, and many more.

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