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Locked DecSoft HTML Compiler 2022.7


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DecSoft HTML Compiler – Websites come in many varieties, tailor-made for their specific purposes. HTMLs are a great introductory step to website design and, as such have benefited from a lot of attention from developers.

HTML Compiler follows in the wake of this trend, but provides users with an original solution to backing up their sites: it creates a self-contained EXE repository of all the files in the target folder.

• Standalone executables
• Command line support
• Never extracts files
• Unicode support
• Interactive HTML
• Unique HTML templates
• User interface themes
• Optional password protection
• Royalty free distribution
• Program install assistant
• Program update assistant
• Multi-language interface

What’s New
* Update the Bootstrap CSS framework (incuding the CSS and Javascript) to the latest 5.2.0 version for the program’s welcome page, program’s help and program’s about.
* Update the Microsoft Edge Runtime installer to the latest version. This update includes all the supported flavors, that is, the full installer for both 32 and 64 bits and the downloadable installer for both 32 and 64 bits.
* This is a major release of DecSoft HTML Compiler, means if you purchase the product before 07-25-2021, you must to purchase an upgrade license (with a 50% off discount), or download the outdated release to continue using your outdated license. If you purchase your license after the referred date, please, login into your DecSoft customer area to grab your new license serial number. You can purchase an upgrade license as well to download the outdated release from your DecSoft customer area in our website.


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