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Locked Anatomy of a Cyber Attack – Beginner Hacking with Metasploit Course Site


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Learn the attacker’s methodology and start your career in cybersecurity, penetration testing, and ethical hacking!

What you’ll learn

Anatomy of a Cyber Attack – Beginner Hacking with Metasploit Course Site

    Understand the steps of a cyber attack
    Understand the basic methodology, tools, and techniques used by hackers in exploiting networks and information systems


    PC or Mac with at least 4 GB of RAM in order to install the virtualization software used in this course
    Windows XP disc or disc image to set up a vulnerable machine for the labs
    Kali Linux disc image (free to download, instructions provided in the course)
    VirtualBox software (free to download, instructions provided in the course)


Updated with the EternalBlue & WannaCry Ransomware Exploit Labs against Windows 7/Server 2008 victims!

** Dissect the Threat! Understand the Importance of Cyber Security **

Your networks are facing a constant barrage of attacks by malicious actors: hackers, hacktivists, script kiddies, advanced persistent threats, and even nation-states are all searching for footholds into networks around the globe. System administrators have always been the first line of defense in system security, and in this global cyberwar, your role has become increasingly important to the security of our networks.

In “The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack”, you will learn to dissect the techniques used by hackers in their exploitation of a network. From open-source research and reconnaissance to the exploitation and covering of their tracks, you will learn hands-on techniques to probe your network for vulnerabilities and understand how they are exploited.

A truly eye-opening experience into the world of cybersecurity, “The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack” is essential to understanding the landscape of today’s cyber threats.

What You Will Receive In The Course:

    Video lectures that are fun, entertaining, and enlightening
    Walkthrough of building your own penetration testing lab for use in the course
    Labs for every step of the hacker methodology
        You can watch the instructor to better understand the threat, or learn to conduct the attack yourself using Metasploit!
    Practice questions to ensure mastery of each section of the course
    A solid foundation upon which to conduct further study or certification preparation
        This course provides a great foundation upon which to build upon for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or penetration testing studies!

What This Course Is NOT:

    Certified Ethical Hacker preparation course
    IT Certification preparation course
    Designed to provide a mastery of penetration testing techniques (but will give you a great introduction)

Who this course is for:

    Students who are interested in the cyber threat that exists in today’s culture
    Students interested in learning how hackers are able to attack networks and information systems
    The students looking for a beginner/overview course for penetration testing and hacking
    Students wanting an easy to understand course on using Metasploit to conduct penetration testing
    Master Ethical Hacking with Python! Course

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