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Locked Reko v0.11.1 - a binary decompiler


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Reko (Swedish: “decent, obliging”) is a C# project containing a decompiler for machine code binaries. This project is freely available under the GNU General Public License.

Changelog v0.11.1

    This maintenance release provides minor enhancements and bugfixes, including:

        More ARM32 rewriters.
        More uses of generic IntrinsicProcedures.
        Replace recursive SccFinder with an non-recursive implementation.
        Initial support for Terse Executable format.
        Don’t try tracing into nonexecutable code.
        Ctrl+0 resets the zoom level of the Graph Viewer
        Many more PowerPC instructions supported
        C parser issues reported by @smx-smx
        Make SSA analysis use bit-accurate analysis for stack variables.
        Multithreaded robustness.

    It also has some refactorings and new classes, setting the stage for a future refactoring of the Scanner:

        New RtlSwitch subclass of RtlInstruction
        Support for platform-specific patterns for procedure entries.

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