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Locked OnlyRAT [BETA]


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TLDR: Please use securily and ethically :D

Feel free to use this RAT on any computer that you own or have permissions to test malicious code on. It's perfectly legal. But do not install this RAT on targets you don't have permission to test malware on. Not only is it illegal, but by doing so you are putting that computer at risk. Since the RAT needs to be able to remotely connect, it is enabling a persistence that other hackers on the network may target or even bruteforce.

The purpose of this RAT is to teach members of the security community the basics of malware development, so do not use with malintent. Malware development is an essential skill that is often overlooked within the security world. By learning malware development, security researchers can both better understand how hackers think and develop malicious code, as well as learning to develop their own for security purposes. By making a single RAT that can hold all of the teachings in one form factor, it is much easier to connect the lessons.


OnlyRAT [Only Remote Access Tool] is the only RAT you'll ever need. We will be able to use this tool to remotely command and control windows computers.

The RAT has a multitude of ways of how it can be installed on to a target pc. Whether it is getting them to run a file all the way to RubberDucky and BashBunny payloads.

Once installed we will have remote administrative access to our target. We can connect to our target through our Python console on our attacker pc. The onlyrat console has plenty of payloads we can then use on our target or we can simply enjoy our backdoor access. Enjoy!

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