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Locked Sandboxie 5.53.0 Multilingual/ 0.9.8 Plus


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    added debug switch to disable Sbie console redirection "NoSandboxieConsole=y"
    -- note that this was previously part of "NoSandboxieDesktop=y"
    added Sbie+ version to the log #1277
    added uninstall cleanup of extra files for the Plus installer (by mpheath) #1235
    added set language for Sandman for the Plus installer (by mpheath) #1241
    added EventLog messages with SbieMsg.dll for the Plus installer (by mpheath)
    group expansion state is now saved
    added additional filters to the trace tab


    reworked and extended RPC logging
    reintroduced the "UseRpcMgmtSetComTimeout=some.dll,n" setting to be used when no "RpcPortBinding" entry is specified
    --- this allows to enable/disable out of box RPC binding independently from the timeout setting
    the "BoxNameTitle" value can now be set explicitly on a per image name basis #1190


    fixed inability to delete read-only files from sandboxed explorer #1237
    fixed wrong recovery target in Plus UI #1274
    fixed SBIE2101 issue introduced with 0.9.7a #1279
    fixed sorting in the box picker window #1269
    fixed tray refresh issue #1250
    fixed tray activity display #1221
    fixed recovery window not displaying in taskbar #1195
    fixed dark theme preset not updating in real time #1270
    fixed Microsoft Edge complaining about "FakeAdminRights=y" #1271
    fixed issue with using local template in the global section #1212
    fixed issue with git.exe from MinGW freezing #1238
    fixed issue with search highlighting when using in dark mode


    removed the ability to sort the trace log as it took too much CPU

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