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Locked RAASNet - Open-Source Ransomware As A Service for Linux, MacOS and Windows


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This project was made to demonstrate how easy ransomware are easy to make and how it work. The script works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is recommended to compile payload.py to EXE format to make it more portable.

I do work on security awareness trainings and test the IT security and safety for other companies and you guessed it; this was made for the demo section of my presentation, NOT TO EARN MONEY OR BRICK PEOPLES COMPUTERS.

This script does not get detected by any anti-virusses. Self made scripts go undetected 99% of the time. It's easy to write something nasty like ransomware, adware, malware, you name it. Again, this script was for research only. Not ment to be used in the open world. I am not responsible for any damage you may cause with this knowledge.

I recommend using a VPN that allows port forwarding (For example; PIA VPN) when using this outside your network, or better, a cloud computer hosted elsewhere, like Amazon AWS.

The conclusion of this project is that it is easy to brick a system and earn money doing it. This script doesn't use any exploits to achieve its goal, but can easily be coded into it as a nice feature.


    Generate a ransomware payload
    With or without GUI payload
    FUD (Fully Undetectable by Anti-Virus)
    Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux
    Super fast encryption with PyCrypto
    Compile to EXE, APP or Unix/Linux executable
    Custom icon for your EXE payload
    Receive keys of victims
    Decrypt files
    Demo mode (payload won't encrypt anything)
    Fullscreen mode (Warning takes over the screen)
    Custom warning message for your victim
    Custom image in your payload
    Ghost mode (Rename by adding .DEMON extention instead of encrypting the files)
    Multiple encryption methods
    Select file extentions to target
    Decide if payload should self-destruct (Console mode feature only)
    Decide wich drive to target for encryption (working directory)
    Verified server access through port forwarding VPN
    Encode payload as Morse code

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