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Locked Sandboxie 5.49 / Sandboxie Plus 0.7.2


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[0.7.2 / 5.49.0] - 2021-03-05


    added option to alter reported Windows version "OverrideOsBuild=7601" for Windows 7 SP1
    the trace log can now be structured like a tree with processes as root items and threads as branches


    SandboxieCrypto now always migrates the CatRoot2 files in order to prevent locking of real files
    greatly improved trace log performance
    MSI Server can now run with the "FakeAdminRights=y" and "DropAdminRights=y" options
    -- special service allowance for the MSI Server can be disabled with "MsiInstallerExemptions=n"
    changed SCM access check behaviour; non elevated users can now start services with a user token
    -- elevation is now only required to start services with a system token
    reworked the trace log mechanism to be more verbose
    reworked RPC mechanism to be more flexible


    fixed issues with some installers introduced in 5.48.0
    fixed "add user to sandbox" in the Plus UI
    FIXED SECURITY ISSUE: the HostInjectDll mechanism allowed for local privilege escalation (thanks hg421)
    Classic UI no longer allows to create a sandbox with an invalid or reserved device name

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