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Locked EyeWitness v20210302.1 - take screenshots of websites


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EyeWitness is designed to take screenshots of websites, provide some server header info, and identify default credentials if possible.

EyeWitness is designed to run on Kali Linux. It will auto-detect the file you give it with the -f flag as either being a text file with URLs on each new line, nmap xml output, or Nessus xml output. The -t (timeout) flag is completely optional, and lets you provide the max time to wait when trying to render and screenshot a web page.

Changelog v20210302.1

    8f4c391 Updated signatures

FortyNorth Security has created a Windows client (thanks to the massive help of Matt Grandy (@Matt_Grandy_) with the stability fixes). All you need to do is build it locally (or check the releases), and then provide a path to a file containing the URLs you want to be scanned! EyeWitness will generate the report within your “AppData\Roaming” directory. The latest version of the C# EyeWitness supports parsing and taking screenshots of Internet Explorer and Chrome bookmarks without having to supply a list of URLs. This version is also small enough to be delivered through Cobalt Strike’s execute-assembly.

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