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Locked NETworkManager 2021.2.17.0


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A powerful tool for managing networks and troubleshoot network problems!

Version 2021.2.17.0

What’s new?

    Profile files can be encrypted with a master password. Backup your profile files %AppData%\NETworkManager\Profiles or in APPLICATIONROOT\Profiles (portable version) before you use this feature. There may be some issues :) More infos in the FAQ. You can review the changes and code here #226 #464
    CodeQL for automated code security analysis added
    Code of conduct, security policy and contributing guidelines added #450
    Change version number to YEAR.MONTH.DAY.PATCH #474


    Move profile files reworked / improved #226 #472 #473
    Move settings improved #472 #473


    Prevent app crash if profile is corrupted #270
    Prevent app crash if network interface (type 53) has no mac address #458
    Wrong flags sl-SI and zh-TW fixed #438
    UI improved / Link color fixed


    Libaries updated
    Language files updated

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