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Shadow Brokkers NSA Hacked Tools Including Password


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Well early this year the shadow brokers were selling data on tools which they claimed to have hacked from the NSA.

But shit happened and the expected buyer turnout failed and they ended up retiring.

At least that is what i though until just a few days ago was notified that they were back and that they

actually dumped the encryption key for the archive they were originally selling.


From what i can see, the archive can be summarized as follows:

> Includes A list of servers belonging to companies and universities from around the world, which the NSA allegedly hacked and used as staging points for deploying malware and launching attacks.

> The same list, but only the IPs

> Includes A list of usernames and passwords used for tools and backdoor acconts

> Includes The TOAST framework used to clean server logs and delete the NSA's tracks.

> Includes Many tools for hacking *NIX systems, especially Solaris.

> Includes A tool called ELECTRICSLIDE that impersonates a Chinese browser with fake Accept-Language.

> Includes A new tool named PITCHIMPAIR used to hack into servers.

> Includes An implant called SIDETRACK, used with PITCHIMPAIR.


Anyway i leave you with the dumped archive link. Thanks to x0rz for uploading this:




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