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C++ Dictionary


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! ::: NOT Operator


#define ::: a directive that defines a macro


#include ::: includes libraries of functions and statements


+= ::: add-and-assign operator; a+=b is roughly equivalent to a=a+b


.c file ::: file that will be compiled in the C language


.cpp file ::: file that will be compiled in the C++ language


.h file ::: file that contains a header file


<< ::: (1) iostream output operator; (2) integer left-shift operator


= ::: assignment operator; NOT the equality operator


== ::: equality operator


>> ::: (1) iostream input operator; (2) integer right-shift operator


ACCU ::: Association of C and C++ Users


address ::: memory location


algorithm ::: precise definition of a computation


ANSI ::: The American national standards organization


application ::: a collection of programs seen as serving a common purpose


array ::: contiguous sequence of elements. An array doesn't know its own size; the programmer must take care to avoid range errors


bit ::: a unit of memory that can hold 0 or 1


Bjarne Stroustrup ::: the designer and original implementor of C++


block comment ::: comment started by /* and terminated by */


bool ::: the built-in Boolean type; true or false


bug ::: colloquial term for error


byte ::: a unit of memory that can hold a character of the C++ representation character set


C ::: programming language designed and originally implemented by Dennis Ritchie. C++ is based on C and maintains a high degree of compatibility with C


C++ ::: a general-purpose programming language with a bias towards systems programming that supports procedural programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming. C++ was designed and originally implemented by Bjarne Stroustrup.


char ::: character type


char* ::: pointer to a char or an array of char


character type ::: char, unsigned char, and signed char


cin ::: standard istream


class ::: a user-defined type


comment ::: a part of the code that is skipped over when the computer reads the code


const ::: attribute of a declaration that makes the entity to which it refers readonly


constant ::: literal, object or value declared const, or enumerator


constructor ::: member function with the same name as its class, used to initialize objects of its class


cout ::: standard ostream


data member ::: member of a class that can hold a value


declaration ::: an introduction of a name into a scope


default argument ::: a value specified for an argument in a function declaration


default constructor ::: constructor requiring no arguments


default value ::: value defined by a default constructor


definition ::: a declaration that specifies the entity to which the declared name refers


delete ::: object destruction operator


derived class ::: a class with one or more base classes


destructor ::: member of a class used to clean up before deleting an object


double ::: double-precision floating-point number


element ::: an object in a container


enum ::: keyword for declaring enumerations


enumeration ::: a user-defined type consisting of a set of named values


enumerator ::: a name identifying a value of an enumeration


equality operator ::: See '==' (Found in Dictionary Entry 1)


escape character ::: the character \, also called backslash, is used to perform escape codes


escape codes ::: an initial character in representations of characters that cannot be represented by a single ASCII character, such as newline ('\n') and horizontal tab ('\t')


exception ::: object thrown by a throw-statement and (potentially) caught by an exception handler associated by a try-block


executable file ::: the result of linking the object files of a complete program (.exe)


expression ::: combination of operators and names producing a value

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