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Locked Facebook Phishing page with send mail logs


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Facebook phishing page with send mail logs and message page.

Its original design like facebook u just need to change in the message page just the links See Comment, Facebook user, photo with your hosted phishing page. It also send to mail the information of browser victim, ip, date time etc.

First edit the email address in the mail.php, second upload the mail.php and the index.html in your web server. third edit the message php edit the link with your link of your web server the place where did u upload the index.html the (FACEBOOK USER)(FOTO) (SEE COMENT) when u send this message to victim inbox the victim when click see comment on facebook user or foto link will be redirect to your index.html phishing page. All the typed user name and password will be send to your email adress.


Respekt for all users, enjoy it, if u have something feel free to contact me.




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Password: nighthawk

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