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POP is the first messaging app that allows you to quickly and easily customize your texts with an endless combination of fonts colors and background images from the web. This is no ordinary messenger you can send your POPs to anyone even if they don’t have the app. It’s an infinitely better way to text. TEXTING IS BORING; POP ROCKS With POP you never have to send another boring yawn-inducing text again. Start “visual texting” with POP; your texts will never look the same. POP = CUSTOM TEXT + BACKGROUND IMAGES Type your text change fonts make it bigger and move it around. Then easily pop in a background image with our instant integrated web search. Or select a background color a photo from your camera roll or a snap a selfie. AS FAST AND EASY AS REGULAR TEXTING The best thing about traditional texting is its ease and speed. POP is so intuitive it allows for infinite customization at the speed of texting. SEND POPS TO ANYONE EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE POP Tired of apps that require your friends to have the same app? POP lets you send a message to anyone – whether they have the app or not. Now that’s freedom of expression. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BACKGROUND WITH INSTANT INFINITE IMAGE SEARCH Search the web right in POP for an endless selection of images patterns and textures to add to your text. Let your imagination run wild. Try searching "backgrounds" "textures" "wallpaper" or "weather" – you’ll blow people away with your POPs. CHANGE YOUR TEXT’S FONT SIZE POSITION AT THE TOUCH OF A FINGER Quickly customize your POP’s text with a pinch or a tap. You can do the same with emoji. It’s as easy as texting itself. BYE BYE TEXT BUBBLES Say hello to a bigger better conversation view. A POP conversation is a stream of beautiful edge-to-edge images with integrated text; no more boring chat bubbles. It's what texting should be. YOUR TEXTS WILL NEVER LOOK THE SAME With POP you can send texts that match your personal style and your mood. Customize infinitely and easily so every POP is unique. REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF •POP messenger is only available on iOS 7 •POP looks awesome on iPads •POP is not yet available outside the United States (Coming Soon!) •When not on WiFi POP uses your carrier data connection. Contact your carrier for details of your data plan.



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