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Locked ETU SQL for MySQL


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ETU SQL is a project born from the frustrating and bad user experience when using database's tool. Our mission is to provide a highly competitive, reliable and easy to use product.


This aimed at a broad audience and our goal is to prevail intuition and effectiveness. It is ideal for organizations, companies or public or private agency, in which your employees manipulate data.


We understand that we create an interesting product that helps efficiency saving time and money. We hope you can enjoy and that will be very helpful..



To work properly in windows environement, it's necessary to install mysql_connector attached to files place.





Create, delete a database

Create, delete or update a table

Create, update or delete users

Add, delete or update the content of a table

Export to Excel or to a text files

Use T-SQL to perform queries

Use advanced search to perform search in table

Support Multi tables

Two method authentication : Windows or SQL Server

Generate a chart

Consult average, sum, max or min of the entries

Custom your search criteria

Navigate through your tables in a tree-view explorer


Download also:


1) ETU SQL for MS SQL :

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2) ETU SQL for Oracle:

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3) ETU SQL for DB2:

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4) ETU SQL for PostgreSQL:

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