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Locked Configs for SFVIP v.2.0.5


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What is this program?
This is a help program for easy configuration of SFVIP player settings (add or remove multiple servers very quickly), deleting obsolete lists and various manipulations such as saving configuration, backups, etc. The app works very simply. Visually, the program is very simple. You can very quickly add any type of portal (MAC, IPTV or m3u file) to the SFVIP player configuration. Even a child can figure it out! All of my programs are very simple and intuitive. Program is designed for complete beginner!

SFVIP player - This is a free IPTV and MAC player for Windows 7/8.1/10/11.

[+] Very quick and easy to add a portal or playlist to the SFVIP player.
[+] Visually clear interface.
[+] Additional Features.
[+] Integrates the latest SFVIP player.

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