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Locked OffensivePipeline_v2.0.0 - Allows you to download and build C# tools


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OfensivePipeline allows you to download and build C# tools, applying certain modifications in order to improve their evasion for Red Team exercises.


    Currently only supports C# (.Net Framework) projects
    Allows to clone public and private (you will need credentials :D) git repositories
    Allows to work with local folders
    Randomizes project GUIDs
    Randomizes application information contained in AssemblyInfo
    Builds C# projects
    Obfuscates generated binaries
    Generates shellcodes from binaries
    There are 79 tools parameterised in YML templates (not all of them may work :D)
    New tools can be added using YML templates
    It should be easy to add new plugins...

What's new in version 2.0

    Almost complete code rewrite (new bugs?)
    Cloning from private repositories possible (authentication via GitHub authToken)
    Possibility to copy a local folder instead of cloning from a remote repository
    New module to generate shellcodes with Donut
    New module to randomize GUIDs of applications
    New module to randomize the AssemblyInfo of each application
    60 new tools added

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