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      Extreme Exploits - Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks 1.0.0


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      About This File

      Extreme Exploits - Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks



      Welcome to Extreme Exploits: Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks. The goal of this book is to help you better understand and cope with emerging information security threats and to impart upon you the experience-proven concepts and techniques we have developed defending some of the world's most targeted networks and information assets. This book presents a different perspective on network and information security than previous titles. Many of the books available on the information security bookshelf disclose hacks and counter-hacks by pointing the reader to hundreds of scripts and downloadable utilities. Still others focus narrowly on one or two software packages and specific environments or scenarios. In many cases, these texts quickly grow obsolete as tools and tactics evolve. Our text aims to conceptualize the threats while getting at the core matter behind them and provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the tactics and technologies involved in both defense and aggression. Armed with this knowledge, you'll make better use of the myriad of tools available today, but you'll also have the ability to design new tools, techniques, and operational policies for the future.


      This book is meant for security practitioners and systems and network administrators of all skill levels. If you're a fellow information assurance analyst, you'll be pleased to find that our focus is not how to locate and compile tools, but instead we discuss how tools should be used and exactly how they work. You won't find concatenated manual pages or regurgitated web content here. Many of the examples provided include the use of open source software, but the concepts being discussed are applicable to commercial software solutions, which makes this book useful to both large and small organizations.

      If you're a technical manager, you'll be pleased to find that our concise explanations of technology and techniques will help you navigate the jargon employed by software and equipment vendors and assist you in developing easily understandable synopses of threats and the countermeasures for your fellow managers. Likewise, our discussion of the concepts behind these defenses will make you a smarter buyer when it comes to information security solutions. Pay special attention to the "Checklist for Developing Defenses" section included at the end of every chapter. It provides a simple "To Do" list of the most important tactical actions you can take today that will help keep your network safe. We hope technical managers will ask their staff what is being done with regard to each and every checklist item, thereby raising awareness and sharing knowledge that may have great impact on the security of your organization.

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